Insulated Rapid Floe

The worlds most adaptable bottle. Flexible and insulated with a Rapid Floe nozzle.

  • Efficient delivery of multiple fluids types to suit your needs.
  • Removable inner liner to enhance volume.
  • Vol with liner: 500ml
  • Vol without liner: 600ml
  • A pull apart design, which can be easily cleaned in a dishwasher


Utilised by endurance athletes throughout the night and snow sports athletes up the mountain, our Insulated Rapid Floe Bottle is ideal for hot liquids and soups to warm core temperature and maintain consistency in whichever terrain you find yourself in. 

  • Smoothies, Soups, Hot Fluids remain above 30 degrees for up to 3 hours


Our  dual layered bottle delivers fluids from electrolyte to slushy at the crucial temperature. The ingestion of  slushy is perfect for combatting oppressive heat when training, racing or in active recovery. Reducing core  temperature and increasing your power output. 

  • Slushies, Smoothies and Cold Fluids – Remain cold for up to 3 hours

Multipurpose, for all terrain.

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